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RML 497 Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is it being positioned in the car park? What are your plans for her?

RML 497 will eventually become the centrepiece of a new exhibition at the Hartlepool site as part of a major redevelopment programme. Our immediate priority however was to rescue her from the water and create a safe place to store her, assess her condition and plan our conservation approach.


Will she be returned to the water following restoration?

Once RML 497 is safely out of the water, the NMRN will embark on a process of information building to inform how we care for and best display the vessel to the public. We cannot therefore give a detailed picture of how RML 497 will be presented in her years to come at the Museum. What we do understand right now, however, is that the vessel has many original features, including a rare mahogany hull which is almost entirely original. To put her back in the water would require replacing much of this with modern material. One of our priorities will be to preserve as much historic material as possible and, with this in mind, it is unlikely she will be displayed on the water, particularly as there are many current examples of fully restored coastal forces craft in the UK. There are many exciting options for displaying her however to ensure our visitors learn about her history and significance as an important coastal forces vessel.


Will she be open to the public and can we get on board?

Following her arrival our shipwrights and conservation team will carry out initial inspections to ascertain her condition. This will inform how close we can allow the general public to get. We know enough of her current condition that public access on board the boat will be unsafe at this present time. This is in part because of the vessel drying out and changing as the hull gets used to being supported by a steel cradle and not by the water.  Please watch our social media for updates around public access in the coming weeks and months.


Are you fundraising for her restoration?

Extensive surveys will inform the next stage in RML 497s rescue plan. Whatever the results, we know from our vast experience in the care and conservation of historic ships that the cost of work will be significant. We have set up an initial fundraising page for anyone who would like to support this important work. You can click Here to donate. Alternatively, if you would like to support the museum more generally, just come along and buy a ticket! (Gift Aid too if you can!)

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