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Gun deck

The Gun Deck, with its 18 pounder cannons, was the key to a frigate's fighting ability. Moving into loading and firing positions by muscle alone, each gun had a crew of several men to perform these backbreaking tasks. In the heat of battle, the gunners would endure thick smoke and intense heat from their own cannons, as well as the threat of enemy fire. The Gun Deck was also the location of the Captain's Great Cabin - a relatively enormous amount of space given the cramped conditions the rest of the crew resided in. The Galley Stove is found on this deck too.

A. The Great Cabin, the Captain's cabin, normally divided into sleeping and working areas by curtains. It could also hold cannons if required.
B. The Shannon
C. Lower Capstan, used to lift the anchor and the ship's launches, in battle the slots for the 12 bars would hold drawers full of bandages.
D. Port (larward) main hatchway
E. Starboard main hatchway, the starting point for Trincomalee's visitors.
F. The Galley Stove, source of the crew's hot meals, sitting in a huge copper pan to reduce fire risk.
G. The Manger, a pen for holding animals to provide the crew with fresh milk, eggs, cheese and meat.

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