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The Orlop Deck and Hold were used for storing the necessities of a long voyage - food, fresh water, spare sails, ammunition, clothing, personal effects and alcohol - the latter with a permanent Marine guard! The ship's supply of gunpowder was kept in fore and aft magazines, lined with copper to prevent stray sparks from igniting it. The "powder monkeys " - boy (and sometimes girl) sailors who would pass the charges up through hatches in the ceiling - worked in near darkness, their only light coming from candle lanterns behind thick glass bull's eyes. On this deck too was the Carpenter's walk, a narrow passage to give the ship's carpenter access to any damage below the waterline.

A. After Magazine
B. After Platform & Cockpit
C. Main Hold, where most provisions were kept, as well as the location of the vessel's ballast and bilge
D. Forward Platform, Magazine & Orlop

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