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Quarter deck

The Quarter Deck, even though fully exposed to the elements and enemy fire, was the nerve centre of the ship. From here, the Captain and his officers commanded the sailors during both voyage and battle, with two sailors steering the vessel with the huge wheel. A combination of 18 pounder cannons and smaller 12 pound carronades contributed to Trincomalee's firepower.

A. Quarter Deck, from where the Captain would issue his orders, usually via the First Lieutenant
B. Ship's Wheel, controlling the rudder
C. Capstan, used to lift the anchor and the ship's launches
D. Waist Rail, on either side of a large gap in the deck exposing the gun deck - the vessel's launches and spare masts would be stored here
E. Forecastle, pronounced "folk-sol"
F. The Heads, the sailors' lavatories, offering neither shelter nor privacy!

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